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Terms and Conditions regarding our website

The content of this website, including the information, programs, licensed software or any other material, is copyrighted, protected by registered trademarks or other form of property right, of both the Santiago Exchange and third parties acting as content or software providers.

The information furnished through this website is essentially provisional in nature and, as such, subject to change at any time, and is included for information purposes only. Therefore, the Santiago Exchange assumes no liability for the integrity and accuracy of or mistakes in this information, as well as for the reliability or veracity of the information supplied by content providers or any other participating entity.

Any other reproduction, transmission, copy, assignment or disclosure, in full or in part, of the information included in these pages, whichever the purpose and means used therefor, is expressly forbidden, and in no event may such information be used for commercial purposes.

Santiago Exchange reserves the right to start the applicable legal actions upon the breach of any of the foregoing conditions.

Any opinion, comment or communication made through this site will be understood to be directly made by the user of the website under its sole responsibility, and the Santiago Exchange is therefore discharged from any liability.​

Services and Products Offered by Third Parties

Third parties offer different types of services and products through our Portal. The only function of our Portal as regards these products and services consists in posting the offer. Our Portal is independent from the third parties advertising or offering their products or services through our Portal. The posting of an offer does not entail any sponsorship by the Santiago Exchange.

Any contractual relationship between the Visitor and the third parties offering products or services through our Portal is the sole responsibility of the contracting parties. Santiago Exchange assumes no liability for the quality of the products or services sold by third parties to the Visitor through our Portal, or for any action or omission of the contracting parties that may cause a detriment to the visitor, the third party or other persons as a consequence of such contract. Any inquiries or claims from the Visitor vis-à-vis the products or services offered by third parties should be made directly to the offering third party.​​​

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