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Santiago Exchange

Market Closed 10-23-2019 17:54 PM GMT -03:00

ISO 27001

Santiago Exchange and CCLV Central Counterparty have obtained the ISO 27001 certification in Security of Information in its 2013 version, with an area of range of 120 people, being one of the largest range in the country.

The range of the certification involves the entire macro process of the Information Technology (IT) that supports all services of both Santiago Exchange and CCLV.

The IT processes involved are

  • Development, support and Software maintenance
  • Provision and support of technology platforms

Supported services

  • Electronic Trading
  • Securities Systems
  • Integrated systems for management for brokers

Review the ISO 27001 certificates

To obtain this certification the SE implemented a Management Information Security System, which is a systematic, documented process known throughout the organization, whose main objective is to manage the risk of information security so they are known, assumed, managed and minimized.


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