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We work to ensure that our operations and performance abide by best practices in corporate governance, ethics and transparency, seeking long-term value.

  • Promote and ensure good corporate governance practices.

  • Promote good corporate governance practices among market players.

  • Manage corporate risks with a long-term strategic vision, incorporating sustainability in the market risks perspective.

  • Ensure corporate governance practices help establish Santiago Exchange´s sustainability in order to provide value for shareholders and all market players.

  • Contribute to strengthening the governance structure of Santiago Exchange, by establishing a Code of Good Practices that contributes to improve the standards of the organization in matters of Corporate Governance.

  • Contribute to the refinement of Santiago Exchange and the stock market, through the participation of the market players in consultative committees.

  • Strengthen self-regulation through ethical standards and transparency for the Exchanges´ own government, as well as for brokers and clients.

  • Work cooperatively with our strategic suppliers as to ensure operational continuity and a service of excellence.

  • Maintain harmonious and equitable relations with our suppliers, transmitting good practices that allow a mutual development, ensuring the fulfillment of the quality of our products and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the composition of the exchange’s Board of Directors?

    Santiago Exchange’s Board of Directors is currently composed of eleven members, which together elect a Chairman. The law specifically states that the board must be made up of at least five members, who may or may not be shareholders, and must hold elections annually, where members may be reelected. 

  • What information should I submit to apply for dual listing on Santiago Exchange, Venture?

    Companies listed on TSXV must send an application letter requesting the dual listing (see attached documents) and send it to the Santiago Exchange for registration. 

  • According to the law, what are the objectives of the exchange?

    According to article 38 of the Securities Market Law, stock exchanges are organizations that aim to provide their members with the necessary infrastructure to effectively carry out securities transactions through continuous public auction and to perform other intermediation services in accordance with the law. 

  • Which companies can access the Venture Market?

    Any issuer from TSXV can access the dual listing with Santiago Exchange, Venture. 

  • What is Santiago Exchange?

    Santiago Exchange is an exchange whose primary role is to provide buyers and sellers of securities a physical meeting place for them to trade through services provided by brokers. Santiago Exchange is a public company composed of 48 shares, and its operation is overseen by the Chilean Securities and Insurance Supervisor. 

  • What benefits does the Venture Market of Santiago Exchange offer venture capital companies?

    Santiago Exchange, Venture enables companies at an exploration stage to access a greater number of investors through its regional presence given by the participation of Santiago Exchange in MILA. In addition, Santiago Exchange, Venture has the support of the leading platform for financing mining companies at an exploration stage (TSXV), being a relevant factor for both companies and investors, to have the validation of such exchange. 

  • Where does Santiago Exchange operate?

    The exchange operates in a historical building in downtown Santiago, at the intersection of Bandera Street, the Union Club and Nueva York and La Bolsa streets. Its address is La Bolsa 64, Santiago. 

  • What are the benefits of listing the instruments in Chilean pesos?

    The values that are listed and traded in Chilean pesos on the Foreign Securities Market of Santiago Exchange will be cleared and settled in CCLV Central Counterparty, reducing counterparty risk of such operations. 

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