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Exchange Traded Funds - ETF

ETFs are funds that track the performance of an index. They are composed by securities, and are negociated as stocks.

    ETF Indices of Santiago Exchange

  • ETF It Now S&P IPSA tracks the performance of the S&P IPSA Index, which includes the 40 stocks with the greatest market presence.
  • ETF It Now S&P/CLX Chile Dividend Index closely resembles the S&P/CLX Chile Dividend this has the particularity that is composed by stocks which have paid dividends for the past five years.​
  • Get more information on this ETFs visiting the website of the fund managers here or click on the "Stock Summary" here
    • ​​​​​Primary Market

​​Shares of ETF indices of Santiago Exchange can be created or redeemed through an OTC Primary Market System, developed by the exchange.​​​

Only authorized agents may hold these records in their name or the name of third party investors (other brokers). The created or redeemed basket of ETF shares represents the minimum, referential lot during the day.​

Agents Authorized 


  • Larrain Vial S.A. Corredora de Bolsa.

  • BCI Corredor de Bolsa S.A.​

  • Itaú Corpbanca Corredores de Bolsa S.A.

Agents Authorized 

ETF It Now S&P/CLX Chile Dividend Index

  • Larrain Vial S.A. Corredora de Bolsa.

  • Itaú Corpbanca Corredores de Bolsa S.A.

Secondary Market

This market allows all clients who want to buy or sell this security through a stockbroker.​


  • What parties are involved in transactions with ETFs?

    The parties involved in transactions with ETFs are: 


    Exchange: provides the platform for listing and trading the fund. 


    Fund manager: responsible for managing the fund and replicating the performance of the benchmark asset, as well as creating and redeeming the ETF shares. 


    Authorized agent: agent that can create and destroy ETF shares and minimum lots of ETFs, interacting directly with the fund manager. 


    Market maker: broker who plays an important role by providing liquidity to a financial product through the daily buying and selling of shares. Most of the time it is also an authorized agent. 


  • In what currency do foreign securities trade?

    According to the rules governing the Foreign Market of Santiago Exchange, securities of foreign issuers can be listed and settled in dollars or Chilean pesos. The issuer or its sponsor defines the foreign instruments to be traded in pesos. 

  • What is an index?

    Indices are an average of the prices of a portfolio of shares representing a market, calculated as the weighted average of each stock’s market capitalization. Indices provide an overview of market behavior and serve as a benchmark to compare the performance of different financial instruments. 

  • What is the primary market?

    The primary market is the market in which financial assets are issued and sold for the first time. Once issued, they can be traded in the secondary market. These securities are issued, for example, by the government, the Chilean Central Bank, banks and financial institutions, mutual funds, corporations and other debt issuers. 

  • What does return refer to?

    Return is an indicator that measures economic gain. It is measured by comparing the current value of assets to the value of the economic resources used to obtain them. 

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