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Synthesis and Statistics

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Financial Parameters - Real Time

This section contains the financial parameters of the monthly variation of the UF CPI/TIP (average interest rate in Chilean financial system).​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Financial Indicators

Parameter Financial parameter Value Parameter value
CPI 102.62
Average Value Index (IVP) $ 29,161.92
LIBOR 2.08 %
Average Interest Rate (AIR) 0.01 %
Unidad de Fomento $ 28,024.26
Monthly CPI Variation 0.19 %


Parameter Financial parameter Value Parameter value
Dólar Acuerdo (Agreed Dollar) 837.59
Dólar Observado (Observed Exchange Rate) 715.24
EURO 791.98


  • What does “number of trades” mean?

    The number of trades is the quantity of operations or transactions of a given market instrument. 

  • What is market presence?

    Market presence considers securities that, at the time of determining market presence, have an adjusted presence greater than or equal to 25% or have a "market maker" acting in accordance with SVS General Regulation No. 327. To calculate the adjusted presence, only the days with transactions greater than or equal to UF1,000 over the last 180 trading days are taken into consideration (SVS General Regulation No. 327 of January 17, 2012). 

  • How is the number of trades determined?

    The number of trades is based on the transactions carried out by different financial institutions on trading systems provided by Santiago Exchange. 

  • What is real-time market participation?

    Real-time market participation refers to the dynamic and continuous updating of market share. In other words, market share and participation graphics are synchronized and what happens in the trading systems of Santiago Exchange is displayed minute by minute. 

  • What does the acronym ISIN stand for?

    ISIN stands for International Securities Identification Number, which uniquely and internationally codes and identifies a security or instrument. 

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