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International Securities and ADR´s

The market where international securities registered on Santiago Exchange are listed and traded. This includes stocks, shares of open or closed-end funds and certificates of deposits as well as shares of international investment funds issued in Chile and ADRs representing Chilean shares.

  • This section provides access to information regarding the International Securities Market of Santiago Exchange.
  • For a complete list of international securities listed on Santiago Exchange, click here​​


The regulations regarding registration, offers and tradings, disclosure, settlement, custody, brokerage, among others, is established in the Stock Trading Manual of Foreign Exchanges

Market Information

For information on market shares and foreign ETFs click here, then apply filter "Foreign Securities". In this link, information about Price, Technical Analysis and Relevant News related to the instrument is shown.


Foreign ETFs

Economic, legal and financial history of foreign ETFs collective investment vehicle i-Shares listed on Santiago Exchange are accessible through the following link. Enter and then go to products.

For foreign ETFs managed by Market Vectors enter here.

These records are updated according to the timings and regularity established in the regulations that apply to the market in which the securities are registered.

International  Stocks


To access the economic, legal and financial background of foreign stocks listed on Santiago Exchange enter here and search for the symbol in the option "Fast Search".

For Geopark Limited you have to enter here and for Volcan Compañía Minera S.A.A the access is through the following link.

The economic, legal and financial history of the foreign stocks are updated according to the timings and regularity established in the regulations that apply to the market in which the securities are registered.

Chilean ADRs

To view the ADR´s listed on NYSE click here.​


Canadian Issuers

To see the list and relevant information about the instruments and quotas of the Canadian market click here


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What mechanism is used by companies listed on Santiago Exchange to trade their shares in the United States?

    For local shares to be traded in the United States, companies must issue ADRs. ADRs are certificates issued by a U.S. depositary bank, to be traded on the U.S. stock market. 


    Each certificate represents a certain number of shares of a Chilean company and provides an alternative to issuing shares directly in the U.S. market. 


  • What index represents ADRs shares?

    The INTER-10 is an index reflecting the performance of the top 10 Chilean shares that trade ADRs on the NYSE, and, in turn, have a high market presence and traded volume in the local market. 


    This index is intended to reflect the performance of shares with ADRs. The selection criteria for the INTER-10 includes the most traded shares of the IPSA that also trade ADRs as of the review date. 


  • In what currency do foreign securities trade?

    According to the rules governing the Foreign Market of Santiago Exchange, securities of foreign issuers can be listed and settled in dollars or Chilean pesos. The issuer or its sponsor defines the foreign instruments to be traded in Chilean pesos. 

  • What is NYSE?

    NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) is the main stock market in the United States and has the largest number of listed companies. 

  • What is a securities issuer?

    Issuers are companies looking to grow and fund their businesses through a public offering on the stock market, for which they issue securities for placement and trading on the exchange. 


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