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Venture Securities

What is Santiago Exchange, Venture?

Santiago Exchange, Venture (SEV) is the first venture capital market in Chile, developed from an agreement signed with TSXV, to create a streamlined dual listing process providing companies with access to public venture capital markets in both Chile and Canada. Under this agreement, companies listed on TSXV may choose to list on the new market. That is to say, through a simple listing process companies can list their securities in both the capital markets of Chile and Canada.

At the same time, companies listed in Santiago Exchange will have presence in Latin America through their participation in MILA, gaining access to markets such us Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

It should be noted that Canadian companies will be obliged to present any additional information from the one already sent to TSXV, thanks to an agreement signed between regulators of both countries, exempting Canadian issuers to present information to the SVS (Chilean regulator).


Our Goal

“Promote the listing of companies at an exploration stage, with the aim to offer new financing opportunities for their projects”

Our Vision

  • Develop the Venture Market of Santiago Exchange as a concrete financing alternative for companies at an exploration stage, with particular focus on mining exploration.
  • Generate new investment opportunities and diversification for investors, increasing arbitrage operations between Chile and Canada and the rest of the world.
  • Encourage the creation of research departments specialized in mining and other relevant industries in local brokerage houses.

Our agreement with TSXV:

  • The agreement signed on March 2014 allows companies to dual list on TSXV and SEV, gaining access to financing in both markets.
  • A company listed on TSXV automatically qualifies to list on SEV.
  • Trading in the secondary market is ruled by the regulation applicable to the exchange where the trading occurs.
  • Review the listing requirements for TSXV on Corporate Finance Manual.

Listing Process

The registration process on Santiago Exchange, Venture considers a previous registration process on TSXV. The registration on Santiago Exchange, Venture is done by sending an application letter to dual list the securities on the Chilean market. After this process, the securities will be registered in two business days and they will be available for trading on the secondary market of Santiago Exchange, Venture.

Notice to issuers: Changes to settlement cycle (T+2)​

Requirements for Santiago Exchange

Foreign Issuers

Follow the registration process described, exempting from the requirement to register in the Register of Foreign Securities of the Chilean regulator, SVS, pursuant to Exempt Resolution No. 246 of the same entity.

For more information on the registration process to list on the Venture Market of the Santiago Exchange, contact us ​​​

Market regulation

The regulation to trade in the Venture Market is subject to the current rules of the institution, through the Stock Trading Manual of Foreign Stock Exchanges for foreign securities or the local version for Chilean companies.

On the other hand, the regulation of Venture issuers is regulated by the Rules of the Santiago Exchange and the Manual of Rights and Obligations of Issuers.

To visit our normative section, in which the previously mentioned manuals are presented, click here.

​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​




  • Santa Cruz Silver Mining Ltd.

  • SZCL

  • Puma Exploring Inc.


  • Red Eagle Mining Corp.

  • RDCL

  • Chilean Metals Inc.


  • Gold Reserve Inc.


  • Inca One Gold Corp.

  • IOCL

  • Colombus Gold Corp.


  • Wealth Mineral Litd.


  • Montan Mining Corp


  • Southern Silver Exploration Corp.


  • Peruvian Precious Metals


  • U308 Corp.



  • Purpose Total Return Bond Fund

  • PBD

  • Purpose Core Dividend Fund

  • PDF

  • Purpose Monthly Income Fund

  • PIN

  • Purpose Diversified Real Asset Fund

  • PARA

  • Purpose Tactical Hedged Equity Fund (non-currency hedged shares)

  • PHEB

  • Purpose Best Ideas Fund (non-currency hedged shares)

  • PBIB

  • Purpose Duration Hedged Real Estate Fund

  • PHR

  • Purpose Multi-Strategy Market Neutral Fund

  • PMM

  • Purpose Enhanced US Equity Fund (non-currency hedged shares)

  • PEUB

  • Purpose US Dividend Fund (non-currency hedged units)

  • PUDB

  • Purpose International Tactical Hedged Equity Fund

  • PHW

  • Purpose International Dividend Fund

  • PID ​​


    • What information should I submit to apply for dual listing on Santiago Exchange, Venture?

      Companies listed on TSXV must send an application letter requesting the dual listing (see attached documents) and send it to the Santiago Exchange for registration. 

    • Which companies can access the Venture Market?

      Any issuer from TSXV can access the dual listing with Santiago Exchange, Venture. 

    • What benefits does the Venture Market of Santiago Exchange offer venture capital companies?

      Santiago Exchange, Venture enables companies at an exploration stage to access a greater number of investors through its regional presence given by the participation of Santiago Exchange in MILA. In addition, Santiago Exchange, Venture has the support of the leading platform for financing mining companies at an exploration stage (TSXV), being a relevant factor for both companies and investors, to have the validation of such exchange. 

    • What are the benefits of listing the instruments in Chilean pesos?

      The values that are listed and traded in Chilean pesos on the Foreign Securities Market of Santiago Exchange will be cleared and settled in CCLV Central Counterparty, reducing counterparty risk of such operations. 

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