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DMA Services

Direct access to the largest stock market in Chile.

We offer a number of alternative direct connections to Santiago Exchange through world class trading technology, delivering flexibility, security, reliability and the shortest lag time between order placement and execution.

DMA—Direct Market Access—services allow the end customer to channel or automatically route orders to buy and sell shares, derivatives and fixed-income instruments in real time through the SEBRA HT system. These orders enter the exchange under the responsibility of a broker.


Key aspects

  • Designed for intermediaries and professional and institutional investors.
  • Customized connections with different access paths.
  • Enables sophisticated algorithmic trading.
  • Ultra low latency rate of 1 millisecond.
  • Automatic order management.
  • FIX 4.4 Technology.

Santiago Exchange Networks



Fix Flyer




FIX specifications por DMA connections

Equity Market

  • MarketData

  • Order Routing

  • DropCopy

  • Fixed Income

  • Order Routing

  • MarketData

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What do we offer?

      Comprehensive trading, information and management products and services for financial institutions and investors. 

    • Who are our clients?

      Brokers, financial providers, companies and investors. 

    • How can I acquire a product or service?

      Contact our sales area by sending an email to 

    • What benefits do we offer?

      Leader in the domestic market, comprehensive and robust market infrastructure. We offer diverse financial instruments, comprehensive services to assist your business in 360 degrees and over 121 years of experience in capital markets. 

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