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Products and Services

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Front, Middle and Back Office Services

Comprehensive technology solutions that support the entire trading process.

Santiago Exchange has developed technology solutions that increase the efficiency of your business, allowing you to seamlessly manage your and your clients’ investments.

The solutions for financial, operational and commercial management offered by Santiago Exchange include complete technological support and tools especially designed for the Chilean market that adapt to its continuous evolution and regulatory changes.


Leading management system in Chile used by brokers, which supports all of your business operations, from front and middle to back office. This tool allows you to efficiently handle all markets that trade on and off the stock market.


SEBRA AGF is a platform that offers a full range of features to support mutual funds and institutions that manage both private and public investment funds.

It integrates the operations of different markets with the company’s administrative processes, facilitating management of multiple mutual funds and series in various currencies and national and international instruments, while complying with regulatory limits.


To meet our clients’ front office needs, we have a strategic alliance with the Spanish company Openfinance, which offers Openworkplace to the local market. This product is a powerful tool for portfolio and financial management that is tailored to your needs, classifying and segmenting customers to make personalized investment proposals, portfolio distributions and more.

Key aspects

  • Designed for intermediaries and investors.
  • Permits integration with other systems.
  • Modules for all markets.
  • Automation of processes.
  • Efficiency in operating costs.
  • Online market information integrated with systems.
  • Support and continuous technological development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do we offer?

    Comprehensive trading, information and management products and services for financial institutions and investors. 

  • Who are our clients?

    Brokers, financial providers, companies and investors. 

  • How can I acquire a product or service?

    Contact our sales area by sending an email to 

  • What benefits do we offer?

    Leader in the domestic market, comprehensive and robust market infrastructure. We offer diverse financial instruments, comprehensive services to assist your business in 360 degrees and over 121 years of experience in capital markets. 

Customer Service

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