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Products and Services

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Stock Market Information

All market information for the Chilean market.

Through various products and services, the Santiago Exchange provides you with all necessary information for your investment decisions.

The exchange offers online information regarding prices, transactions, rates, traded volumes and complete historical data for each of the markets that trade on Santiago Exchange.

Market Data Work Station

Product that allows the user to view trading systems online, access inquiries with processed information and view analysis tools. It also connects users to the largest network of work stations nationwide.

Market Data

Direct connection and access to all market information from Santiago Exchange. Different levels allow: in-depth market access, distribution to third parties in real time and website posting.


Service that consists of renting physical space in the data processing center of Santiago Exchange, available for hosting servers or communications equipment, next to the exchange’s engine. This proximity increases data processing capacity and delivers high standards of reliability and security.

Drop Copy

Service that provides a complete register in real time, through a dedicated channel, of all of your and your clients’ orders and transactions on Santiago Exchange. It facilitates control, risk management and monitoring of online transactions placed by employees or clients.

Data Base

Santiago Exchange has up to 25 years of historical market information. Depending on customer requirements, the exchange can provide detailed records of each of the markets for a requested period. The information may be transferred in a variety of formats, including text, spreadsheet or MetaStock.

IFRS on demand

Service that delivers on demand the financial statements of equity issuers. Users make inquiries and download the information to feed databases, simplifying the analysis and interpretation of results by research departments.

Key aspects

  • Designed for intermediaries, investors or users interested in keeping up with Chilean market information.
  • All stock market information.
  • Historical and real-time information.
  • Online prices and market depth.
  • Allows for integration with different tools.
  • FIX 4.4 Technology

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do we offer?

    Comprehensive trading, information and management products and services for financial institutions and investors. 

  • Who are our clients?

    Brokers, financial providers, companies and investors. 

  • How can I acquire a product or service?

    Contact our sales area by sending an email to 

  • What benefits do we offer?

    Leader in the domestic market, comprehensive and robust market infrastructure. We offer diverse financial instruments, comprehensive services to assist your business in 360 degrees and over 121 years of experience in capital markets. 

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